I don’t eat a lot of cake….

….just a slice every day. That was my Grandma’s motto and I’m sticking by it. But I’m also trying to apply it to my writing habits.

There are so many blogs out there already, why would the world need another one? That’s kind of why I haven’t written one, but also because I’ve been working on the BSN. That’s the Best Selling Novel to anyone who hasn’t personally heard me drivel on about it. Now it’s at draft stage, and it’s out with my readers aka put-upon friends, so I’ve got to do something else to keep my fingers busy.

My life philosophy tends to be ‘think the worst, and it can only be better than you think it’s going to be’, meaning I’m an optimistic pessimist. So yeah, from time to time you could say I’m a bit narky, hence the title. My challenge is to write as often as I can, sharing and hopefully diluting my rage.


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