Women’s March on London

Perhaps I’ll be a better person
Many years from now
Genial and loving
Not a narky-faced old cow

Some time in the future
I won’t feel frazzled all the time
I’ll just glide around in loungewear
Completely zen and quite sublime

At the moment I feel worn thin
I’m rat-baggy, low on laughs
I try to reassure myself
That we all take different paths

But I can’t help but feel quite jealous
Wonder where my plan went wrong
Why can’t I afford a holiday
Just one week of family sun?

Why do I go to work each day
Just to pay the childcare bill?
Why bother with child benefit
When half goes to the tax man’s till?

What hope have we of cash galore
As housing prices race
It feels as though we’ll never have
Our own grown-up living space

And what about the part where
Life gets better as we age?
As leaders come to power
Preaching hate and lies and rage

Maybe I’m a hypocrite
Because I’m one angry mother
But I’m angry at division
Don’t split us from each other

I want to teach my girls that
To work together is the best
Not say ‘I’m alright, Jack’
And forget about the rest

And yet I mustn’t grumble
I paste on my grateful grin
I’ve got my health, my children’s health
And then of course there’s him

My other half, my one true love
The man beside my side
Through thick and thin, inextricable
To each other we are tied

I do forget to say my thanks
As I glower at this jam
Managing, we’re just managing
Just keep swimming, if you can

I look at others struggling
And know it could be worse
I don’t need to use a foodbank
Or have an empty purse

But it’s one thing to have gratitude
And another to be cowed
I’m going to raise my voice in protest
And start shouting very loud

I’ll take my girls and head to town
The streets of London will be full
With banners and with placards
Saying ‘Hey! We’re all equal!”

We’ll join the throng, join in the song
Raise our voices, sing together
Because the politics of equality
That start now will last forever.


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